Borneo - Brunei to Semporna

Cruising Notes - Yacht Thyme (monohull draft 2.2m)
Brunei to Semporna

Southwards from Kudat to Brunei - April 2012

6.23.85'N  116.19.88'E
Day stop for snorkel in settled weather. Anchored in 6m. Some great nudibranchs, flatworms and a paddock of anenome along northern rocks.

6.21.05'N  116.18.69'E
Nice anchorage in 7m off small island during settled weather. Entry from south seemed better. Great beach for BBQ.

Teluk Ambong - 6.18.44'N  116.17.94'E
Protected from swell. Unusual drying soccer field at low tide.

KK town anchorage - 5.58.57'N  116.03.98'E
Very protected in 6m. Stayed here for 2 months in May/June 2012 - lived conservatively, locked dinghy and kept boat locked and alarmed at night - no bad experiences.

Gaya Island - 6.01.82'N  116.01.33'E
Excellent anchorage - clear water, some nice snorkelling and diving nearby. Sat out 2 nasty sqaulls here up to 50knots. A little deep - be sure to dig anchor in well. Nice jungle walk starting at western end of resort.

Dinawan Island - 5.50.81'N  115.59.67'E
Nice anchorage with good holding.

Pulau Kalampunion Besar - 5.44.89'N  115.40.70'E
Anchored off the sand spit. Beautiful clear water and short dinghy ride to snake island.

Tiga North Side - 5.43.42'N  115.39.99'E
Good holding and very protected in 4.5m. Excellent stop and can walk to mud pools from here.

North Side of Labuan - 5.22.75'N  115.15.32'E  or 5.23.19'N  115.15.34'E
Stopped on north side of Labuan to see bird park. Short walk from 1st waypoint above after landing dinghy on beach. Moved to 2nd anchorage to escape SE roll - very comfertable.

Labuan Port - 5.16.55'N  115.14.29'E
Relatively comfertable anchorage - dig anchor in well. Best shops and hardware supplies are short walk from police wharf opposite town. Local boats are easy to call over for trnasport ashore, or tie dinghy to floating dock (not allowed to load booze from here...). Motorbike hire cheapest at backpackers.

Klias (see yacht RumbDo website for good notes on entrance)
5.25.83'N  115.33.69'E
Anchored at mouth of creek. Loads of probiscus, some silver leaf and hornbills down the creek at morning and dusk.

Brunei - Muara YC - 4.59.99'N  115.04.14'E
Pays to fly Brunei flag on entry. Nice yacht club that allows you to BYO, swimming pool, bathrooms and laundry facilities. Friendly place that can also organise fuel in jerries.

Headed back north to KK, stayed in KK town and Gaya for 2 months and sailed nothwards August 2012.

Usukan Bay - 6.21.94'N  116.20.05'E
Nice protected spot in strong SW'ly. No swell and good holding.

Tip of Borneo - 7.00.38'N  116.47.20'E
Anchored in 10m good holding. Surprisinlgy calm, some fishing boats around.

Kudat -
We either anchor off the town (better breeze, next to petrol station and town) or in the duck pond (very protected, use of resort pool and wi-fi for the cost of a drink) depending on the weather. Excellent haul out facility.

Pulau Silk - 6.59.17'N 117.12.07'E
Protected spot in 4m good holiding. Some interesting rock formation.

Sand Cay - 6.56.05'N  117.27.89'E
Eye wateringly beautiful spot in nice weather! Max & Nadine got engaged here. Some nice coral re-generating too. May not be suitable for overnighter depending on conditions.

P. Tigabu north side - 6.53.93'N  117.28.45'E
Gorgeous spot in 13m just inside small reef with local boats - good light an advantage. Nice snorkel with turtles around. Sea cucumber farms ashore with friendly locals. Short walk to small village.

P Kalangaan - 6.46.97'N  117.30.12'E
Settled weather stop. Beautful beach.

Tagapil - 6.33.09'N  117.43.37'E
Good holding - protected spot in 13m. Good light nice for entrance - entry from the west. Army base ashore. Many turtle tracks and good turtle viewing at certain times.

Lankayan - 6.30.28'N  117.54.86'E
Did not go ashore but used resort mooring in 22m. Awesome diving!

Sandakan - 6.05.96'N  118.05.06'E
Many wrecks on bottom - past the yacht club and in 10+m seems safest. Market close by and convenient for dinghy. Can fuel by dinghy too or yacht club or taxi. Beware of dinghy at yacht club dock in squalls. Friendly yacht club.

Dewhurst Bay - 5.23.23'N  118.35.97'E
Good secure anchorage in 8m mud. Ebb in flood can be swift. Probiscus in creek of a morning and evening. Army base out on beach.

Dent Haven - 5.15.3'N  119.15.23'E
Anchored in 6m on south side of bay. Have also anchored on north side in between fish holding pens in the past depending on swell direction. Nice beach walk - sandflies. Swift tide runs here - pays to calculate.

Richards Reef - 4.43.52'N  118.44.07'E
Off reef in 10m. Some really nice snorkelling.

Boley Dulang - 2.35.74'N  118.43.50'E
Gorgeous spot in 6m - patchy sand bottom. Really nice and genuine locals in village through sand spit.

Semporna town -4.28.67'N 118.37.18'E
Noisy anchorage in 9m. Have fouled anchor here in the past. Tied dinghy up to Police wharf as bridge is now closed off.

Mabul - 4.15.00'N  118.37.92'E
Not the most protected anchorage. Friendliest resort seemed to be Scuba Junkie, although all welcomed us ashore. Some nice snorkelling.

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