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Northern Indonesia
Cruising Notes
Thyme – Sep/Oct 2012 (monohull draft 2.2m)

Passage made from Mabul to Sangihe - 436nm. Not as many torpedo buoys seen as other yachts who sailed further north to Davao. Some long lasting squalls and unfavourable current experienced. Better winds than anticipated. Departed 5pm 31/8/12, arrived 5pm 4/9/12. Last 12nm slow and hard into the increasing SE'ly wind as we travelled south down Sangihe looking for anchorage.

P Tehang - 3.32.56'N  125.38.08'E
Friendly christian village. Gorgeous protected spot although a little steep too off the coral - 18-30m. Water clarity very good. Some nice deserted beaches around noerthern corner good for BBQ.

P Toade - 3.47.54'N  125.35.91'E
Manages to avoid most of swell here - amazing spot. Interesting rock, reef and outstanding visibility. Friendly locals on nearby beach. 15m sand just off coral. Swam with a Dugong!

Talaud - Melanganue City - 3.59.78'N  126.40.58'E
Anchored in 15m - not the greatest holding. Bit rolly and a bit of reef around which is hard to see in poor light. Friendly town! Good market with ususal veges, pork, chicken, fish and dog...

Saraa Is - 3.56.89'N  126.42.62'E
Anchored in 23m, dropped back to 27m - good holding. Beautiful beach - can be a little  rolly depending on wind.

Rao Island - off Morotai - 2.18.65'N  128.10.94'E
Paradise! Flat gently sloping sand. Nice reef off point. Beautiful beach and friendly locals. Well protected.

Daruba Harbour, Morotai -
Can be rolly at certain tides, so I'm told. Good holding, friendly town. Fantastic Sail Morotai event 2012.

Halmahera NE - 1.34.31'N 128.36.74'E
In 6m good holding. Pretty little bay with some interesting snorkeling including a cave. Friendly locals - awesome Kalapa Muda. Beware permanent fishing net across bay.

Halmahera E Tg Petak- 1.24.11'N  128.44.71'E
Swell breaking on reef and beach in 15kts from the south but surprisingly comfertable in 10m good holding. Some fishing boats around. Beautiful rugged beach.

Halmahera E - P.Pakal - 00.47.86'N 128.19.96'E
Anchored off small beach in 18m with small waterfall. Beautiful spot and great to have unlimited fresh water. Excellent dive on drop off towards NE point.

Halmahera E - Buli - 00.52.75'N  128.17.96'E
Top town - nice anchorage behind reef, although may get uncomfortable in strong weather. Good light prefered for entering. Excellent market and small shops. ATM (mandiri bank) nice beef (from small restaurant opposite and towards town a little from bank), fuel, internet and gas also available.

Halmahera - P Inggelang - 00.33.78'M  128.39.50'E
Really secure and protected spot in good holding. Strong currents. White sand beach, palm trees and a few fishing huts - very beautiful.

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