Indonesia - Raja Ampat

Cruising Notes - Yacht Thyme (monohull draft 2.2m)
Raja Ampat - Sep/Oct 2012

Passage made from Halmahera to Wayag under stars and nice breeze - perfect sail. Markets, supplies and mobile service non-existant in most of Raja Ampat - come prepared :) Endemic malaria area.

Wayag - 00.10.17'N  130.02.17'E
Really fought current on approach to Wayag. Entered keeping eye out for occasional shoal. Once inside, turned left thru a hole in the wall and entered inner lagoon - a beehive karst heaven. Finally anchored surrounded by Karst formations - endless options to chose from.
Entrance waypoints - 00.10.19'N  129.59.40'E then 00.10.15'N  130.00.81'E
There is also a lagoon south of this, but we did not enter although we saw another yacht on a mooring here - in the strong winds seemed a bit rollier.

Wayag - 00.09.69'N  130.01.98'E
Back in main channel. Nice sand beach and good depth of 10m. Easier to access walk up Mt Pindito and dives at channel entrance from here. Some other yachts anchored further in on main channel also.

Kawe Mine - 00.00.87'S  130.07.16'E
Anchored in small protected bay off mine wharf in 20m mud. Fresh water available from mine spring.

Kawe North - 00.06.61'N  130.16.37'E
13m off coral edge near plam fringed beach. Nice spot in settled weather - bit of current. Good spot to dive the outer rocks from - excellent high current dives with some big fish!

P Me - 00.06.57'S  130.16.35'E
Really nice spot off the reef edge in 17m. OK dive, beautiful beach
Teluk Alyui - White Arrow Dive Mooring - 00.12.22'S  130.15.58'E
The trip from P.Me to Teluk Alyui makes for an interesting one! Scotty surfed a spot near - 00.08.87'S  130.14.91'E - then sailed thru deep fjord like channel at - 00.10.64'S  130.15.45'E befpre picking up sturdy mooring off the white arrow dive where we dived with solar powered nudibranchs.

Pearl Farm Mooring - 00.11.53'S  130.15.61'E
Picked up secure and more protected mooring off the pearl farm. Went ashore to ask permission to use mooring and dive/snorkel the reef near their lines. Permission granted and had a nice chat with the helpful and friendly aussie Atlas Pearls manager (VHF 87).

Teluk Alyui - Karst Inlet - 00.11.09'S  130.17.35'E
Crossed reef at deepest section (2.5m lowest) and entered a small completely protected lagoon. Nice exploring and small beaches, many birds and oysters.

Teluk Alyui - further in - 00.13.00'S  130.20.07'E
Picked up pearl farm mooring. Nice protected spot. Can walk to top of bald hill for amazing views of inlet. Fresh water near old huts and nice walking up the creek. On way into inlet, rock art on right hand cliff face at entrance.

Palau Pef - 00.26.17'S  130.26.62'E
Very protected lagoon, 22m good holding. Resort just to south - will charge to stay here and use their facilities if you visit resort. Nice exploring around mangrove and reef islets.

Yanggelo Is - 00.30.74'S  130.27.23'E
Really protected spot with bird life and forest surrounding - 24m. Excellent dive and snorkels around reef lined mangroves.

P Arefi - 00.47.23'S  130.42.22'E
Nice town, anchored in 20m off reef edge. Clean friendly village where most basic supplies can be bought as well as coconuts.

P Yum - 00.47.12'S  130.43.42'E
In 24m on north side of island. Many Papuan Hornbills fly in each afternoon for the evening. Excellent dive along reef.

Sorong - 00.53.53'S  131.16.08'E
Anchored in southern end of Sorong past the liveaboard anchorage in 10m good holding. Can get a little rolly but ok. Locked dinghy to the Marina Express Ferry wharf where there are always many people. 'Kapal Layer' avoids paying entrance fee when returning to wharf. Friendly locals and wharf staff. 5idr on ojek (motobike) to main road, or 5-10mins walk. 2.5idr to town on public taksi (yellow vans). Best supermarket is Saga - well stocked with some good western treats. Hospital, blood test facilities and well stocked pharmacy available at Rumah Sakit Pertiminah - just before Saga supermarket. Dinghy was stolen for outboard  from another yacht so pays to lift it in the evening and take normal town lock up precautions.

P Ura - 00.84.78'S  130.40.89'E
In 16m off reef in sand. Nice protection and lovely exploring and snorkelling around.
Phone service available near here.

Gam and Wagieo Channel - Eastern side - 00.25.23'S  130.33.86'E
Anchored in 8.2m in total protection. Clost to channel for excellent snorkelling and diving through the speedy current - we snorkelled seeing beautiful soft and hard corals and marin life. Our dinghy was almost not powerful enough to make it back! Really beautiful and interesting spot.

Teluk Kabui - 00.20.48'S  130.34.54'E
Anchored in 17m in amongst many karst islets. Makes for interesting dingy explorations. Deserted and untouched - very nice.

P Friwm
Started at 00.28.62'S  130.41.77'E for drift dive along rock wall and coral slope, then shifted to 00.28.42'S  130.41.71'E when current picked up. Reef comes up quickly.

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