Indonesia - West Papua & Cenderawasih Bay

Cruising Notes - Yacht Thyme (monohull draft 2.2m)
West Papua / Cenderawasih Bay - Nov 2012

Departed Sorong for West Papua 1st November. From Sorong to Manokwari we experienced headwinds N-E swell and current for most of the way.

Makebon Bay - 00.45.06'S  131.34.52'E
Reef seemed to extend a little further than charted when entering from south. Nice spot off beach in 8.5m good holding, particularly protected from swell at low tide. In more unfavourable weather shelter could be sought further into bay.

Sansapoor - 00.30.47'S  132.04.83'E
A welcome anchorage - surpisingly swell and wind free, good holding 6m not far from wharf. Friendly welcoming town with some basic supplies and phone service.

Manokwari Beach - 00.52.31'S  134.06.47'E
Anchored in 21m off beautiful beach in clear water. May be a little exposed if from weather from the south. Busy beach on the weekend with nice locals. Can get a taksi from here to town. Phone service, but no internet.

Saomis - 00.53.99'S  134.05.46'E
Anchored off small steep too beach for some privacy - bit rumbly 18m. Nice walk ashore and some interesting marine life snorkelling.

Manokwari Town - 00.51.78'S  
Good anchorage in East side of bay - charts a little out but channel markers make for easy entrance. Could get fuel, supplies and internet. Nice Batik shop in town. Tied dinghy to small wooden dock on east side. Locals very friendly. Lifted dinghy and locked up on advice from locals.

Tg Oransbari - 01.20.88'S  134.15.99'E
Not a recommended anchorage. Very steep but we left it too late to make it next anchorage in light. 30m dropped back to 9m - rumbly bottom. Very rolly at ebb. Luckily a still night.

Islets off Rumberpon - 01.53.67'S  134.12.34'E
Found anchorage on google earth - was 27m but good holding and very protected from all directions by mangrove and reef lined islets. Entered between reefs during afternoon downpour using waypoints - WP1 - 01.53.77'S  134.07.81'E then WP2 - 01.53.88'S  134.08.23'E.

Tk Sassoi - 01.57.79'S  134.09.05'E
Nice sheltered anchorage in 23m off reef edge. Nice walks, beaches and excellent snorkelling / diving thru entrance channel. Chanel waypoints - WP1 01.57.70'S  134.09.26'E then WP2 - 01.57.65'S  134.09.06'E.

P Purup Lagoon - 02.02.197'S  134.08.97'E
Need good light to enter between narrow reef entrance into small lagoon. 4.2m shallowest on entrance. 20m inside - suit settled weather as not so much swinging room.

Nusaner - 02.09.57'S  134.07.22.E
One of the longest searches for suitable depth followed our departure from Purup Lagoon. All around Purup and surrounding islands, 5nm south into bays before anchoring here on coral. Needless to say we got fouled... Really friendly locals and great waterfall shower in the inlet beside the anchor waypoint.


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