Philippines - Dinigat & Leyte

Dinigat & Southern Leyte
Cruising Notes
Thyme – Feb/Mar 2012 (monohull draft 2.2m)

Southern Leyte

Padre Burgos (western Sogod Bay) 10.01.73N ; 125.00.01E
Nice town with supplies ashore and many bars and some dive resorts – low key. Good anchorage (11.5m) – watch the tide when landing the dinghy! Good diving for sea horses at night off the pier in town.

Sogod Bay, Sonok Pt – Swam with whale sharks around 9.55.52N ; 125.14.16E
A charter boat (with 2 tourists) came out with some spotters in small bancas. When the spotters saw the whale sharks the oars went in the air. They spotted them first and were happy for us to jump in with them and enjoy the action. They seem to hang out around the 6-10m mark all along the coast here.

Sogod Bay – 9.56.78N ; 125.14.83E
Nice overnight anchorage to enable us to head back out and spot whale sharks again. Many other possible spots along here although many drop of quick. Small town ashore – probably has some supplies. Swam with mantas when heading back down to look for whale sharks.


Capaquin Is – 9.58.48N ; 125.32.82E
Nice small island with friendly locals ashore. Good picnic on the rock just outside the bay – meant to be buried treasure here.

San Jose – 10.00.91N ; 125.34.23E
Nice friendly town with good fresh market on the waterfront. Internet café in town. No alcohol for sale and no smoking as enforced by the PBMA (Christian Cult/religious outfit?).

Dinigat – 9.57.57N ; 125.35.29E
One of the few small towns that allows alcohol to be sold so a quick stop for supplies. Many drunks around although friendly and helpful.

Babas Cove – 10.04.41N ; 125.30.26E
Spectacular scenery! Our anchorage waypoint was rocky with sheer drop off – not so good – could have anchored in a better spot off the beach in hindsight. A crater (or 2?) lake and caves can be reached from the beach on the right hand side upon entering (the one with the tomb overlooking it from the hill). Nice walk and swim in the fresh water.

Kabun Cove – 10.05.09N ; 125.30.27E
More spectacular scenery – well protected in 18m mud.  Top dinghy excursions into many caves where there are more signs of excavations for treasure. Might make for interesting cave diving.

Kotkot Island – 10.05.79N ; 125.28.73E
We stopped for the day only for a dinghy excursion around the island  enjoying the amazing rock formations. If overnight anchorage was needed the inside channel may be better, small town here would have supplies.

Kayitan Bay – 10.08.49N ; 125.29.35E
One of our favourite anchorages in the Philippines! Excellent protection in 20m good holding.
Waypoints for entering – good light an advantage:
10.08.35N ; 125.29.39E
10.08.41N ; 125.29.37E (depth was 4m with 1m of tide)
Then to anchorage.
Excellent exploring possible. Could stay here for ages!

Tagbaka Cove – 10.10.96N ; 125.30.07E
Anchored in 19m mud with good holding. Crossed some reef at 8m coming in – good light an advantage. Was hoping to get into the lake but was not possible – explored by dinghy instead. Interesting and scenic place with some nice snorkelling at small island out the front. May be uncomfortable if swell is up.

Another good spot thrown in:
Almagro – 11.54.49N ; 124.17.04E
Gorgeous small town with the clearest water and friendliest people anywhere! A real tough climb to the peak on Almagro for the adventurous – a guide recommended to cut the trail. Owner from Malapascua is just building a dive resort on the next island. Good protection in NE in 20m. We were the first yacht to ever visit – why we don’t know as it is so nice.

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