Saturday, 17 March 2007

Lindsay's Wedding

Who would ever have thought a "nice looking bloke" like Lindsay would get married. Well believe it or not, he's met a beautiful girl and they've ties the knot.

It all started when Jang and Amanda went shopping (as all great female ideas do...). Amanda said that Jang said that Lindsay said he was a bit sad his family couldn't make it over to Aus for the wedding and that no one was going to the Thailand wedding. Well... nothing like a mission to help a friend. We all chipped in for Lindsay's sister to fly over from NZ for the wedding and we now Henry, Amanda and myself have tickets to fly to Roi-Et in Thailand for 3 days next week.

We had to conceal the "package" (Jane) on board Thyme for 3 days until the wedding. The weather was great so we headed up to our favourite mooring for Sunday.
Ever tried to swim and drink a beer at the same time? Not quite as easy as one would think.

Post swimming beer swilling come the standard synchronised swimming...

Can you tell I have some ballet lessons behind me???

It was great to see the look on Lindsays face when he realised Jane was here for the wedding. Tears all 'round!

Finally the moment we were all waiting for.

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theotherbear said...

Sweet - looks like a great day. Glad the package was delivered successfully :)