Thursday, 6 December 2007

Farewell Sydney

2 weeks prior to our departure, a farewell party was held. We enjoyed the day shared with many of our good friends and family, some coming from as far away as New Zealand to wish us off. A spit roasted pig and lamb were on the menu and the head chef showed his inexperience at such things by getting the day started with a fiery beginning.

Amanda's mum and some friends said a few words on our behalf - the quote of the day being, "Simon you have precious cargo on board"! It was great to share such a great day and we will keep in touch with the many friends we've made in Sydney!!

After 4-5 hours of cooking, the meat was carved and lunch was served. Lindsay not wanting big brother to hear his conversations decided that eating the pigs listening devices would be a good idea.

Our final preparations were made over the the following 2 weeks, the mooring was dropped for the last time and we left, no doubt devaluing the local real estate market.

Store beach near Manly was our fist stop 2 hours down the Harbour where we picnic'd and waited for the wind to turn to the south. 3 days later conditions were right and through the heads we went, first stop Pittwater 3 hours North.

Over and out


theotherbear said...

About time you guys updated here. How long are you hanging around at Pitwater?

Safe sails on your next leg!
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svthyme said...

Love the sail boat! We're now in Lake Macquarie - most posts to come thanks to the local libraries internet!!