Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Great Sandy Straights

We left Tin Can Bay early afternoon to take advantage of the incoming tide to sweep us up to our lunch stop at Elbow point where Blue Swimmers were on the menu again. From here we carried on to Garry's Anchorage where Amanda intended on doing the nature walks.

After putting down Brew #17 I dropped Amanda at the shore where she discovered from signs that walking alone is dangerous due to the threat of being attacked by dingos. I wondered why she was waving to me from the shore like a windmill on steroids. Lucky for her another couple landed ashore nearby letting her walk with them. Long term this was a bonus for both Allan and I as he was also not so keen on, in his words "the forced marches". We preferred BBQ's and beer on the beach.

After hearing Dingos howling at the moon during the night we finally spotted one the day before our early morning departure to our next anchorage, Yankee Jacks.

I was hoping the bats that lived in this area would not have quite the same attraction to our wind vane but it was not so. They would dive at it in the night fighting over who had hanging rights. A new wind vane is now on the shipping list even though I recovered most of it from the deck in the morning. Some fishing produced a 1kg Slate Bream and more crabs. After further exploration for the nature lovers a move to Makenzies Wharf was made.

Amanda and Angela undertook some intensive training in preparation for the all day forced march to Lake Makenize that Allan and I were encouraged into attending.

14kms later after a wrong turn we arrived at the lake where lunch was hungrily consumed. As sharks don't generally inhabit fresh water lakes Amanda decided on a swim which involved crouching in the shallows.

During the 10km walk back to the boat Allan and Angela made the mistake of offering Amanda some chocolate. She was so excited I think they felt bad about eating it themselves after that and Amanda happily finished it off. Finally late afternoon and all of us limping with blisters we made it back.

The next stop was Kingfisher Resort where once again we were sneaking in for showers and slipping rubbish into bins. After laying around the pool with cocktails Amanda did some shopping managing to pick up a new dress along with bread and milk. I'm sure that wasn't on the list??

After waving goodbye to our new friends from Keimar, a brief stop was made at Moon point before our departure to Platypus Bay.

Over and out.


Secret Squirrel said...

a windmill on steroids..... I loved that bit...
I love reading your blog and as i check it for new posts WAY TO OFTEN
i have finally added you to my feed list (yummy.
Thanks for dropping by and keep having such beautiful adventures
xox eve xox

theotherbear said...

I'm sure I commented on this post before. I am possibly going mad and in need of another visit.