Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Digby Island

Digby was a quick stop for us as we were now 4 weeks out, and supplies were running low. Fish a regular on the menu was served with tinned and home grown accompaniments including homebrew. Hopes for an exploration of the island was shattered when Simon after poking his had into a green ant nest was attacked by 1000’s ants causing him to tear all his clothes off and run around slapping himself, swearing for 5 minutes. Ahh, where is the camera when you need it. Luckily, trying to return to the boat we were swamped by a big wave Bondi rescue style, soaking us and soothing Simons bitten body with cold seawater.

We thought or luck had turned when Simon arrived home with a large Sea Pike. He had previously been banned from fish preparation on Thyme, so thought it would be a good idea to carry out this exercise in the dingy. Of course the knife slipped? At first he thought he had pierced the fish’s swim bladder but after 5 mins of hissing I pointed out perhaps it was the dingy that was punctured. We now have a patch on the dingy.

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