Monday, 27 July 2009

Maningrida, Liverpool River

I desperately wanted to visit Maningrida to see the art center. While the art centre had some lovely work, it was predominantly bark and timber products which does not suit us being on a boat. They did have one or two weavings but nothing like the quality at Elcho Island.

I took no photos of the town as it was so incredibly run down and poverty stricken I didn’t feel right photographing it. We passed houses surrounded by tents, dogs in their hundreds and believe it or not we even saw an animal leg right next to the front door of a house! Yes, a leg from a buffalo or cow that a dog was gnawing on at about the thigh. I guess there will be dinner for a few more days as they work their way down to the hoof.

After exploring we returned to the dinghy, dismayed to find the tide had gone a long way out and we were now faced with carrying and dragging it for a long way over 6” of mud and water. Finally we were deep enough to get in while Simon poled to dingy out gondola style. Meanwhile I was in a flap shaking and waving my leg, screeching and squealing. When I finally got my sandal off I found a small flounder in my shoe. Where there’s babies, there’s mummies so we’re off for a fish.

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12ontheinside said...

Yum, flounder.
I can picture you with one in your shoe. Made me giggle.