Monday, 13 July 2009

The Other Side

Well we’ve successfully crossed the Gulf of Carpentaria – 3 days and 2 nights later. It was a safe and relatively uneventful passage with a mixture of sailing and motoring as the wind picked up and died off. The seas were kind for the first few days before picking up and giving us a taste of the best of the gulf on the last day.

It was really too fast to settle into a good watch routine and by the time we anchored we were both exhausted as neither had really slept since leaving.

We did have an unexpected visitor enroute – a brown Booby landed on the aft deck – a bird that is. Sloop seemed to take an interest in him, but unfortunately due to Theo’s appetite for eating wildlife whole we had to hide him. We decided the foredeck would be best and the Booby was compliant allowing Simon to carry him up there. Sloop spent the next two days carefully creeping up and checking on him, the bird seemed not to appreciate the interest…

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Amanda said...

Here is where I make a lewd joke about brown boobies on your deck.