Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Raragala Island

Our sail out of Gove was a little slow and we struck the opposing tide as we rounded Cape Wilberforce. There was no way we could make it through the narrow passage between Cotton and Wigram Island against the force of it. We conceded defeat and anchored the night at Elisabeth Bay after picking our way around the extensive Pearl Rafts.

Si looking for a spot of excitement picked the full flood tide to pass between Cotton and Wigram the following day. It turned out not to be so dramatic and that afternoon we anchored at Raragala – the first landing we have permits for!!!

After a good nights sleep we woke early to a big breakfast before heading out to explore. We walked around every bay and inlet in the very pretty anchorage on the Western side of Raragala. We even crossed the peninsula through dense bush and returned with scars all over legs from thrashing through the scrub. We fished from the headlands, explored the freshwater creeks and waterfalls, took the dingy inland through the mangroves and cliffs at high tide and basically wore ourselves out… even the cats!


Amanda said...

Finally a spot to land! Sounds very exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Theo is still part of the family. And gets spoilt.