Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Alcaro Bay

Our last stop before the run to Darwin was Alcaro Bay, which sits just behind Cape Don. Tomorrow was going to be a big sail day so we (Sloop too of course) enjoyed a walk ashore. We spotted our first saw fish in the shallows, saw kangaroo tracks in the sand and spotted loads of birds in the bushes and along the waters edge. Despite their being a fishing safari outfit being run from Cape Don, we have had no luck for days and supplies of fish are at an all time low.

This was a really pretty spot where we could have spent a few days, but with strong winds still forecast and the tide in our favour we had better head off.

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Amanda said...

Looks very lonely around there. There must surely be a good reason why nobody lives there. Watch out for killer crocs!
(Hmm, my word verification is unflotr. I do hope THAT is not an omen!!!)