Saturday, 15 August 2009

Last leg to Darwin

After being stalked in the Adelaide River by a crocodile who seemed to have his sights firmly set on a small meal of the feline variety, we up anchored and headed for the final run to Darwin. Stores were getting low and neither of us could stomach the sad, limp and lonely apple left in the bottom of the fridge - the only thing left in the fridge! Darwin here we come.

We were keen to arrive before dusk and with the winds easing Simon decided we had better hoist the spinnaker. For those of you who read the blog, you'll recall many a drama we have had with this huge sail including keel hauling it last year (spot the repair in the photo). To minimize danger we tied the sail together like a long sausage with lengths of yarn ( yes I know this sounds like a yarn - more affluent boats use a similar method by way of a nice spinnaker sock). We pulled it up and while waiting with baited breath, the sail filled and we were off, Simon at the foredeck waffling on about how it was all part of his plan, right angles to the wind blah blah blah. Meanwhile my sights were firmly set on the buildings in the rapidly approaching skyline... a city...shops...people...and carefully crafted forms of entertainment you pay for.

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