Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hanover Bay – late September

We decided to head past our turn around point a little bit and spend a few days exploring Hanover Sound. The prospect of steep gorges, white beaches, clear water, good fishing and spring fed creeks was too tempting. The bay lived up to it’s reputation and was well worth the visit. While there was fresh water the terrain was a little flat and neither of us fancied sharing a swim with a croc. After seeing how far the crocs ventured up the rocks in the Mitchell I was only game to splash some water over my head.

We’ve now given up all hope of there being human life form in the Kimberlies as we’ve not yet spotted another boat! Surely in the Prince Regent River, our next stop – the hot spot of the Kimberlies we’ll see some people????


Ken said...

Your maps, Hanover Bay photos, and stories are great to look at and read

svthyme said...

Thanks - it's great to read your comments too!

Amanda said...

I would go stark raving mad not seeing anyone for so long!