Monday, 17 May 2010

Careening at Darwin

After watching the careening poles for a few days, and reading an idiots guide to careening on the web, we decided we were ready to give it a go. For those uninitiated, careening is beaching your boat, or tying it to poles on a high tide, then waiting for the tide to go out so you can clean the bottom.

Despite a good SE’ly blowing we managed to tie up without any hiccups, then sat back with an early morning coffee to watch the falling tide. We calculated we had to leave the poles on the following mornings high, or remain there for 2 weeks so without delay we started wading around the bottom of the boat in thigh high water scraping barnacles. Not the best feeling in croc territory!

We scraped, sanded and anti-fouled ourselves into a frenzy and were able to sit back with a cold beer at the end of the day and watch the tide roll in. All in all a great haul out for the princely sum of $11 to use the poles!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Simon and Amanda... good job done