Saturday, 26 June 2010

Burning the candle...

Poor Chris and Jane worked long days at the wharf, followed by long nights of drinking, BBQ’s and laughter. For our first night they took us to a neighbours house where we watched him risk life and limb riding a motor bike around a ring of death. This involves riding a motor bike around a tight cylinder while making your way higher and higher. It was crazy to watch – if you ever see him at a show it is an adrenaline rush you cannot miss!

Early one morning we dragged ourselves out of bed hours after the workers had departed and headed for El Questro. With a friend in tow we headed for Emma Gorge where we heard swimming was to be had. Swimming was available but you had to be either brave or stupid to get in. Lucky we were…brave, and without checking the temperature we dove straight in for a breath taking, spine chilling cold dip.

Next stop was ElQuestro homestead for a picnic lunch followed by El Questro gorge for another chilling dip. The scenery was spectacular and you can see why it’s so popular.

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