Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Long Walk.. final installment

We followed the bottom of the ridge, finding some aboriginal sites along the way. The amazing rock formations made for great exploring… after scaring out a big pig that is! When we made it to camp we were all dying to get our wet clothes off and soak our weary bodies in the stream. After some relaxing I found the energy to explore up the gully that forms the start of Waterfall Creek. There was huge boulders to climb, followed by shady swimming holes… over and over again.

The next day we powered our of camp, keen to hit the sandstone and make camp early. The heat of the day made us finally appreciate the clouds and rain of the previous days – man it was sticky! We made it to the sandstone in record time and had set up camp by our own private pool and spa on a sandy bank. This left plenty of time to explore the amazing rocks high above camp before sunset. We saw some great cave drawings and views from above.

We enjoyed a great camp that night with Kristin sharing the last of her cocktail treats – an “Orgasm” for all! We had a campfire in the sand, relaxed in the spa, swam laps in our private pool and enjoyed a fantastic nights sleep minus the fly watching the stars.

The last walk out was not too far and we managed to enjoy a lazy lunch and swim en route. Once we descended Gunlom falls at the end we were all on such a high! Go the girls team!!

Simon has been calling me Wilma Smith for the last week as I’ve made these posts of our Kakadu National Park hiking adventure in referenced to how long and drawn out Wilbur Smiths writing is. While my photos can never capture the amazing surroundings, the spirit of camaraderie amongst us and the fun and sheer freedom we experienced – hopefully I’ve not bored you too much in wanting to share a taste of our trip.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like an awesome experience. And no, not boring. :)