Friday, 30 July 2010

We're here!

We've arrived in Indonesia!
After a rough trip from Darwin we anchored in Banda last night, picking our way in between islands in the dark to anchor in the lee of a volcano, watching the anchor drop in 12m of water with the torch all the way to the bottom.

We nearly came in with a bang, almost running over a fishing hut in the middle of the bay - could have been quite embarrassing.

Off to go exploring now - gently as we're still pretty weary. Keep you posted shortly. We've got an Indo SIM card which apparently allows us to use the internet aboard - we'll see how our translation goes with that!!


Amanda said...

Well it's not like you could have expected a fishing hut in the middle of the bay, huh!
Glad to hear you arrived safely.

Anonymous said...

It's great news to hear that you've arrived safely in Indonesia - well done!! We tried to get you on HF last Sunday after "Sheila Net" but no luck - we'll have to try again another time? Can't wait to hear of all your new adventures as you start exploring the place...Joy & Den