Sunday, 22 August 2010

Buru Island, Indonesia

4am was our planned departure time with Aria, so still in the rain Amanda fired up the spotlight and made herself comfortable in full wet weather gear up the front to ensure we did not mow down any of the many Fishing platforms dotted out the harbor.

Kayeli was our first landfall on Buru 79 miles North West of Ambon. The locals immediately showed an interest in us and managed to convey in limited English with lots of arm waving that their village was safe to visit and had an Old Portuguese fort nearby. Sounds like a plan for tomorrow.
Of course the next day arrived with more rain but we went anyway.

The following morning the sun came out finally and we started our next run to Wapoti.

After only an overnight stopover and another early morning with Amanda spending hours up the front with the spot light in hand, we made our way to Palau Tengah.

We made our way through the reef entrance to meet up with Bruce off Aria who had purchased a giant mud crab to help celebrate his birthday. As he did not have a pot big enough I landed the job of cooking the sucker.

Sloop was very impressed with the result of my efforts.

The next day we decided to check out the village and were meet by what must have been every kid in the village. Apparently the most recent boats to visit were 3 French yachts a year ago.

Amanda was very excited with the Cloves and Cacao they were drying in the streets, and the great protected anchorage.

As the rally boats were due in Wakatobi and the weather looked good it was time to move again to join back up the rest of the fleet.


Amanda said...

Those spices look pretty cool - that would have impressed me too.

Anonymous said...

What a whopper of a crab. Love to see those kids smiling faces.

Anonymous said...

you bastards next time invite us on the yatch...i know chris doesn't like crab but i'll help you out !!!!robbie and corey about to descend...wish us luck!!!!