Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Onwards and Upwards

As expected the idea to climb the Volcano was formed. The plan was to contract the services of a guide and head out at 6.00am. Even the local roosters were not up at that time.
Unfortunately our guide was a no show so we charted an up market vessel to cross the channel.

The track was easy to find and a painful 1.5hrs later we were walking through the steam across the hot rocks at the top. Lucky I brought back up thongs.

We meet up with some local students at the top who informed us the last big eruption was in 1988.
After a picnic on the crater rim it was time to start the journey back down.

My thongs only just made it to the bottom, as opposed the Amanda who did half the trip on her bottom.

Our charter boat turned up and after some technical difficulties in the harbour that could not be repaired by diving over the side we transferred to another boat for the remaining part of the trip

With a giant appetite plans were made to have dinner at a locals house with Bruce and Laurie off the boat Aria. Our host kindly arranged transport and we raced in convey up the hill.

After some snorkeling on the reef where the lava had flowed into the sea it was time to pack up and deliver Judith, our friend and crew member to the bright lights of Ambon 140 miles NW for her flight back to Darwin.

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Anonymous said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS ???? Climbing volcanos in your JANDLES !!!! Looks like you guys are having a hoot . Love the photos . C+J .