Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bau Bau

The activities continued with a trip to a Bali village where we were sat to watch a “sissey” (per the translator), and some balinese dancing. The girls do some real creepy stuff with their eyes.

The afternoon trip was to a pearl farm where we watched large chunks of resin inserted into the pearls.

The following day after a dinner at the mayor’s official residence that I decided not to attend as I’m all dinnered out, the local tourism office put on transport for us to do what we wanted for a day. As we missed the waterfall trip the first day we decided a fresh water swim was in order.

While we were here our guide let it slip that there was a really big, natural waterfall inland. After lots of questioning we finally talked him into taking us on a 4 hour trek through the jungle. Permits and guides were organized and we hit the trail.

Further into the jungle we went, 1 of my thongs breaking almost straight away. Abseiling down banks with the aid of not 1 but 2 vines. Safety first. After enquiring we were assured that this was not the way back.

2 hours into our trip we arrived at a waterfall, however not the water fall which was another hour away.

Finally 3 hours later and another thong down we made it and it really was worth the walk – here’s hoping my bare feet think so!!!

The walk back was the same way we came and even after climbing back up the vines it seemed heaps shorter. I led from the rear as bare feet slowed progress in a lot of places

Our thirst was quenched near the end of the walk with some local palm wine – “Tuak”. Lucky it was near the end of the trail as there were some wobbly boots heading for home!

Our guide apologized for the difficulty of the walk explaining, “next year it will be better, we’ll build a road and concrete some platforms for you”. Great!!!


Amanda said...

Amazing how you guys can talk so many people into taking you to far flung places! Looks like a great place for a swim. Makes me want to start building a pool, stat!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda...Laurie here....not sure how to contact you.... send me something to laurie_lash@bigpond.com and we can communicate!!! xxx