Saturday, 2 October 2010

Enter the Dragon

After talking to a few people we discovered that the Komodo dragon eats wild pig and Barking Deer. They also come out early in the morning, dusk and live on Komodo and Rinka Islands. With this in mind we decided to move around to Komodo. As it was lunchtime at bit of snorkeling was on the agenda.

As the sun got lower we set of in search of the dragon creeping through long grass. 2 hours later, numerous pigs, deer and a rooster… nothing. Not even a foot-print.

We kicked of the next morning at 5am and spent another 2 fruitless hours wandering around before heading back to the boat. As the snorkeling here was really good with turtles, sharks and big fish we went back for another swim while waiting for the tide to change. Next stop Rinka

We were swept the 19 miles to Rinka by the tide, reaching speeds of 11.2 knots through a pass to be greeted by another good bay and some more ocean retailers. They pointed us in the direction of where the dragons live so we popped out for a look not to be disappointed this time.

The next morning another early start found us on the beach at 6am.

Our work here is done. Next major stop Lombok 250 miles west.


Amanda said...

Stuart said "You know, they've been known to eat babies and old people". I'm not sure which of you he was referring to.
Those snorkling photos are fantastic. What are those blue shellfish?

svthyme said...

Not sure what they are - not shellfish - some kind of valve. Very pretty and also come in orange.