Monday, 20 December 2010


Langkawi is all about nearly free booze. Beer Aus $9, Bombay Sapphire Aus $12, Vodka $8… The first night we were like kids in a candy shop after exhausting our rationed supply some time ago. After getting over that we got down to business of stocking up.

After stowing our stash we thought we better check out the sights on motorbike. The top of the island was covered in cloud so we opted for the waterfall where we met some of the locals.

Traveling anti clockwise around the island the hot springs were next (under construction) and some gallery were we saw glass blowing. Here Amanda tried to spend too much money on Batiik. Unsuccessfully. Moving on, the 7 Wells waterfall was next on our list of must sees. The walk looked steep so we tried to convince the powers that be that we could get our scooter up the hill. The walk was worth the effort.

After the Monkeys tried to steal our stuff we went to check out the marina over this side and seeing a cable car and a nice bay to anchor in decided to move.

Leaving early one morning to beat the crowds we walked over to the cable car and only had to queue up for 1½ hours before getting our ride to the summit. Lucky us.

From here we could see our 7 Wells waterfall and the anchorage. Also there was a sky bridge that was pretty cool even though it doesn’t go anywhere.

Now all stocked up the time had come for us to clear out of Malaysia. Thailand here we come.

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Amanda said...

That rock slide looks like so much fun, I'd have been in there all day!

I have never seen you guys with so much booze. Are you all out of stuff to brew your own, Simon? Can't you buy it over there? If there's anything I can package up and post to somewhere for you, just let me know.

Merry Christmas
Amanda xo