Sunday, 20 March 2011

Off To The Andamans

We headed back to Phuket to collect our Indian Visas, crew, fuel, supplies etc before our trip to the Andaman’s. We also made a lucky find in our travels, a mobile Oyster vender.

Once under way we put our new hands to work, day hopping up the coast before crossing to the Surin's. There we waited for Gadfly and Ultimate Dream to arrive before crossing the Andaman Sea to Port Blair.

As soon as we crossed into Indian waters the fishing improved 10 fold with catches that included Yellow fin, Mahi Mahi and Spanish Mackerel. On Gadfly the fish came out on top taking Trevor’s prized lures. Fish 3, Trevor nil.

Finally we got a little bit of wind managing to sail the last 24 hours. Sloop was keen to sight land after his 3 days at sea. Me too.

Welcome to India

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