Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Departing Johor

After 5 weeks of meals out and taking care of some odd jobs only a few parts from NZ to re-assemble the Furler were holding us up.

Our parts and our new crew arrived in time for the planned departure on the 15th. We almost lost our bike but recovered it without having to enter the water. I think if that were necessary it would have stayed there.

Traveling down the river it was noted that the engine was running hotter than normal. After anchoring at the entrance an inspection reveled the barnacles had moved in covering some areas of the hull and prop. After a swim and scrape in the murky water to clean the prop, sunrise saw us making our way around Singapore.

Once clear of the shipping and oil Riggs the water started to clear up and soon we were swimming at the mainly deserted islands.

The barnacle scraping job when viewed in clean water turned out to be a big one so using the dingy pump and some stuff off the power dive unit (which wasn’t working) I managed to make a Amanda powered unit. It was only a matter of dodging jellyfish after that.

Palau Tioman is our destination for clearing out before the 400 miles to East Malaysia.

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The other mother said...

Dodging jellyfish ...ouch. would make anyone jet powered.