Thursday, 24 November 2011

Breaking all the rules - back to Kudat

After picking up Peter our new Canadian crew member for the leg, and just escaping the plague?? we departed Sandakan deciding to by pass the Turtle Islands in favor Lankayan. Here we got in trouble for fishing in the SIMCA conservation park (what park?) moments after Peter landed a great Coral Trout. Lucky for us the enforcement officer was more interested in whether we were still fishing rather then what we had already caught.

Funny thing is the next day we stopped at Tegapil still within the park to see the turtles laying and were offered Turtle eggs by a member of the army stationed on the Island. Go figure.

The weather becoming wet and squally, and having no luck at one in the morning looking for Turtles we bid the sea gypsies farewell and headed for Simmadel Island just off the mainland. Is the 3 finger wave to show he’s not lost them to fish bombing?

We almost lost Peter to the crabs while touring a mangrove creek when a low branch tried to sweep him over the back of the dingy. Oops, sorry.

A stop at the village where a large sea cucumber farm has been recently constructed proved less hazardous with Amanda learning how to make a Nipah palm shelter with the locals.

After an overnight stop at Mabahoc, where we found an idyllic island community - a few huts, a few coconut trees, white sand beach, fringing reef and many children! After more squalls and another fruitless fishing trip out of Malalawi we found ourselves at Banggi where an archaeological site was rumored to exist. This turned out to be remains of an overgrown Japanese war camp where they collected fish.

A clever but tough way to get full drums of diesel from a boat to a truck was worth a look.

A Pesta (kind of like a festival) was also being held in the town, but more about that later.

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Ingenious alright. Who needs machinery.