Friday, 2 December 2011

Return to Kudat

After farewelling Peter who was off to Oz we lay around the pool for a few days R&R. The resort with wi-fi and swimming pool is right next to the lovely protected anchorage.

Normally dragon flies herald the start of the dry season but not so in Kudat. In between rain storms we managed to get a few jobs done - one of them being patching the dinghy cover with some left over curtain fabric - damn we really look like cruisers now... I also finally found a hair dresser by asking all the girls in town with nice hair where they go - and entrusted her to chop it all off!

Our evenings we spent with the locals enjoying some social snooker in town. The Navy also came over to visit - very surprised at how "complete" the boat is, this being the first Kapal Layar (yacht) they have ever been on.

Unfortunately there was also an accident during our stay where 2 women and a child were tragically killed in a fishing boat explosion. Simon was there to capture the aftermath.

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The other mother said...

Pretty sad , The haircut looks cool