Sunday, 1 January 2012

Southern Palawan

Looking at Google earth we spotted what looked like a good snorkeling spot as a midday stopover. A fisherman collecting sea urchins showed us how to remove the spines and what part to eat. The village close by also was worth a look even though it felt like we had 2 heads, maybe they thought we were aliens? It wasn’t us with the pig head in the pot.

Now out of the Islands and into Palawan anchorages we were starting to feel the NW swell. This didn’t stop Robin and Pontus from having a go with the drag net … in the rain. We had a big one that got away on the first drag but they only ended up with a toadfish for their efforts.

Malipakan Island was our next stop where the reef made the bay lovely and calm even for Shah who ended up a little closer to the reef than what was planned.

The kids showed Amanda how to shoot hoops with a flat football while the older guys smoked the coconuts. It seems this is the first stage in the making coconut oil process.

Robin was given a cock to demonstrate cockfighting, but just a practice round where no cocks got hurt. In the real event a knife is attached to the foot and the loser is supper.

Our next stop was the big smoke of Quezon, where Robin was a great hit at the Karaoke bar and maybe we all had 1 to many beers and got twisted a little out of shape.

That night I dreamt that the local caves we wanted to visit was on the other side of the hill we were anchored next to and further investigation proved this to be correct so after a hairy ride around through the surf in the dingy we convinced the cave man to let us in with another group. Amanda used her backside negotiate some of the more slippery slopes.

After the tour the option to go back through the surf on the locals boat looked like a safer one. They even had snacks that must taste a little different mixed with salt water.

Once safely around the headland we transferred to Andy’s dingy for the remaining trip.

Another couple days were spent getting supplies, eating pizza, unsuccessfully looking for restaurants and avoiding the Karaoke Bar before heading off.
Loved Quezon.


Anonymous said...

hi it looks really fun and i wish one day mum and dad will let me come but probably not for a long time

Anonymous said...

it looks sooooo good please keep on adding more i love following your adventures/holidays.
hope you are enjoying it