Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Swedes Last Leg - to the Calamians

The Calamian Group was more about the swimming than the fishing with plenty of wrecks from the Second World War and coral gardens to explore.

Robin worked out that by rolling into a ball the fish would hang around close by. I had the opposite problem with the Piranha fish thinking my body hair was eatable.

Sadly, Coron was the drop off point for the Swedes after 40 days aboard, I know Sloop will miss Robins hat and his shoulder massages.

While in town Robin kindly located a Balut vendor. Balut is a duck egg that was firstly incubated for 23 days then stored in a hot steamy environment. Succumbing to peer pressure I joined his club by also eating one. Amanda also wanting to be in the club took the challenge.

With the boat refueled we headed over to the nearby salt water lakes for a look before heading north again.

Our new crew Marc and Renate from Germany had a bit of a bumpy ride with a strong easterly blowing but the anchorage was nice and walking up the hill gave us a good view of the area. Fingers crossed the wind drops off a bit tomorrow for our trip east.


The other mother said...

OMG how could you eat a duck embryo! I had an egg explode in the incubator after 14 days!!!!!!!! Didn't fancy saving it for dinner.

Amanda said...

BAHAHAHAHA - had to see this when about to have duck for lunch, seriously you wouldn't read about it.