Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wild Masbate & the Asid Gulf

After 8 weeks of crew, we set off for Masbate feeling a little lost with only the 2 of us aboard. It did however give us a chance to get some jobs done - sewing repairs, varnishing and installing our new marble sink, which finally arrived after 10 days. I’m glad I paid extra for a 2 day priority job?
Finally found enough Internet to upload the Marble video.

Our expedition ashore to find beer and meat produced only beer but we did gather intelligence that informed us that both beef and pork were available at the fish market between 4am and 6am. The following morning with torch in hand we made the journey at 4.30am and weighed anchor shortly afterwards, the boat now 10kgs heavier with a happy captain.

Our trip around southern Masbate, where its believed to be a little unsafe, proved uneventful however the caretakers (Arlene and Renny with their son Michael Ryan) on Namatian Island did tell us that the 2 islands close by were at war and shooting each other... it wasn’t a good place to stop.

We were invited over the following morning to see the fishermen all arriving with their catch. This is then salted overnight before being rinsed and laid out for drying in the sun for 2 days. Amanda keen to earn 10 cents a screen got stuck in to laying out the fish. The fishermen get 45 cents a kilo for the fish and once dried there value jumps to $3 a kilo.

Renny insisted we stay for breakfast where we got to enjoy… of course fresh fish, crabs, rice and a coke. What a way to start the day.

With time ticking by and the wind springing up it was time to leave so with our squid, coconuts and home made vinegar in hand we prisied our dingy away from the curious fishermen and headed south out of the Asid Gulf. Could have stayed a week with our friends at Namatian!


The other mother said...

Sounds like another fabulous place. Photos are always great .

That mother again said...

The marble video is fantastic. I would have sunk the boat with souvenirs.

Amanda said...

Oh I agree - the marble video is fantastic xo