Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Diving Lankayan

Out of bed to late and not wanting the long day to Tegapil I picked a spot off a reef where we met a fisherman catching coral trout for the market with the aid of cyanide! Our evening kicked off with some waterspouts and after a fairly cool but windy night early the next morning we hit the road. Once anchored at Tegapil a solider wielding an M16 got the message through to me that we couldn’t stay. I think my message that the commander last year said it was OK  got mixed up, although the bit about the commander said OK got through so we stayed only to have Sloop fall off the BBQ while cleaning his …. Tail base?  Amanda jumped in, saved him (another life gone) and as I was in the shower at the time he also got treated to one.
A 3am covert shore mission turned up lots of Turtle tracks and 1 attempting to dig its hole in the bush’s but we didn’t get to witness any laying so departed the next day for some diving and almost snared a lobster for lunch. Luckily we didn’t meet any soldiers with guns.
Max aka killer and Nadine patrolled the reef with the hooker looking for dinner.
Sweet Lip ended up on the menu however a passing Jelly fish came out on top after tangling with Amanda.
Lankayan, Malaysia’s famous marine park and island resort in the Sulu sea gave as a chance to dive a few wrecks and reefs teeming with coral trout, sharks, turtles and colorful reef fish. The spear gun didn’t come out as there was also plenty of sharks hanging around… oh and yes it’s a marine park. From here we headed into Sandakan to deliver our crew into the mayhem of Hari Raya, the end of Ramadan. We had such fun diving and cruising around the reefs with Max and Nadine on this leg we were sad to say farewell!
With a week before crew from Poland arrive, we managed to fit in some sewing and other odd jobs while restocking for our departure to Indonesia.

It might be worth mentioning, the area we are headed to is remote (northern Molucus/Molukus) we will be changing to the boat radio email system  as it could be 3 or 4 weeks before we see internet again. Check the where are we now link on the blog for our position.
Who roo.


Amanda said...

Sloop, that's what happens when you lick your bum! I mean, tail base! How many lives has he got left now?

Szymon Konieczny said...

Nice photos,especially those taken underwater :)