Friday, 19 October 2012

Amazing Wayag - Raja Ampat

After an awesome night sail of stars, dolphins and steady breeze, we fought the current into the picture postcard inlet on the western side of Wayag - in northern Raja Ampat (or West Papua if your still lost). Not far into the first bay we spied a small hole in the rocks which Thyme would fit through and entered a maze of clear turquoise water and small karst islets. You could get lost in here! 

The scenery in Wagieo is spectacular – an afternoon walk (read scramble and climb) up Mt Pindito says it all.

Dying to get in the water, we couldn’t wait for the weather to clear and headed out to some outer rocks where Scotty and I were lucky enough to dive with mantas while Simon manned the dingy in the swell and rain. A morning was spent weaving Thyme in and out of the small bays and lagoons while Scotty played spotter from the spreader with Gadfly in pursuit.

The weather soon cleared and our blissful days were filled with exploring – diving, kayaking, hiking, eating coconuts, waving about heavy artillery… The local policy paid a visit – Simon doubtful as to their true identity asked where their gun was. When they brought out a nice big machine gun, Simon asked if he could hold it – “Sure!” was the reply as they happily handed it up.

Stern problems seem to be catching and with some recent experience a boys afternoon was spent making some repairs on Metana. With so much more still to see we dragged ourselves away and headed for the equator.

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Anonymous said...

Another famous Thyme "walk". At least you guys are finally admitting that your definition of a walk is different than most people's. Thanks for the lovely pictures to brighten up a cloudy day in Cincinnati, Ohio - although Simon with a machine gun is a little troubling! Hope all is well. Michele