Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chilling & Diving Heina Atoll

Heina is a small reef atoll on the eastern edge of Ninigo. The entrance is narrow but we made it through with a few centimetres up our sleeve at low tide - definitely one for good light. The water here was crystal clear and we wasted no time in getting our feet wet.

A bit quieter here, our lazy days were spent diving, swimming, eating crayfish and collecting coconuts.
We had varying techniques and degrees of success on the coconut tree climbing, including one tree being felled under the weight...

 Not content with eating turtle - we decided to move onto another precious species - the coconut crab. They might look bad, but wow, they taste incredible. Besides if they make us as cut as Rellen and his brother, bring me more!!! After a final BBQ we were waved out of the atoll and sailed south east to the Hermits.


Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda & Simon, just read the blog and interesting as usual.You are lucky to live the life, we miss you very much. Take care, LOL mum and dad

Anonymous said...

Could be tricky fitting one of those monsters on the Barbie. I am envious of such a delicious diet.

Anonymous said...

hope you guys are having fun and we enjoyed your visit sorry I wasn't here to say bye but I had a great time hope to see you soon hopefully you can come for my thirteenth birthday

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda
Your blog is very interesting look forward to hearing more. Safe travels.
Sharon's neighbor Theresa and Greg