Friday, 4 January 2013

Leaving Jayapura

Our departure from Jayapura was a little hectic. We were supplying the boat for an unknown time in a new country. The fact that the Jayapura supply ships were delayed or broken down did not help our cause. Fuel and gas was particularly challenging, the fuel being solved in the cover of darkness as the police assisted us in getting the fisherman to purchase jerry's and transport them to the boat... all for a small fee and a few beers.

In between running around Sloop was revelling in the re-supply and the local ladies led by english speaking Selfi were keeping us entertained.

Our new crew, 2 young Swedes, Johan and Anton joined us just in time for a haircut and to experience the gas supply issue . The final challenge on the list was achieved by a combination of begging, bribery and law breaking. We were almost pipped at the post when a local discovered the illegal bottle filling and threatened to pull the pin - a few sob stories later and we're stocked ready to go.

Our clearance into PNG in Vanimo was completed without a hitch and we were free to depart for the fabled Hermit Islands. We set sail on the 2 day passage with no wind but took advantage of the opportunity to clown around. Antons backflip turned out to be a flop... maybe safer to stick with fishing.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, the turtle makes me think that maybe balut wasn't so bad afterall! Happy New Year! Michele

Anonymous said...

sloop looks very sattisfied with all of his treats hope he is well