Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Back to Civilisation

We left the Hermits and motored most of the 200 and something miles across flat seas to arrive in Madang Christmas eve. Yes Christmas was a while ago and Amanda now working claims not to have enough time to continue with her literary genius. The heavy burden once again falls upon my shoulders.
We had Christmas lunch at the fancy Madang Resort impressing the locals with my new look before heading out to Pig Island for diving and BBQ ing. I discovered a really long vine while looking for fire wood and during my demonstration on how to remove a leaf from a branch at 20 feet somehow managed to get a cut under my right eye.

We returned to the Monpi wharf our new home where the security guards helped us tie up. Amanda then immediately hoped on a plane to Australia where she managed to squeeze in a second Christmas lunch before departing to Singapore.

The trip to Singapore (where you can be fined for having a puddle in your back yard) was work related and came as a bit of a shock after floating about almost aimlessly only a week before. 

Somehow she avoided a fine for J walking and after a 6 day visit it was back to Australia to collect some stuff and a little entertainment paying her niece and nephew to eat Wasabi peas. I understand although Brock really wanted the money he was disqualified for throwing up and it was Hayley who walked away all cashed up.

Arriving back in Madang meant moving off the boat and up to the house where we met our guard dog Knuckle and our house mary, Cathy. Apparently all house keepers are called house marys.

We had been told to make sure everything is always locked but were surprised that this also included the fridge and the pantry. It must be a hungry business being a burglar. I questioned Cathy about this but was told that the painters had been in the week before and stolen a frozen chicken and a mop head so she locked everything up.


Anonymous said...

At least Sloop remains to reign supreme over his kingdom....just. I think Knuckle's brother lives here. Max looks identical and holds the same respect over the Mamaku population. Just don't tell them he visits the elderly in rest homes as a job! Tried to download a photo to FB but won't do it. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

As we have been thinking of visiting you guys again I have carefully scrutinized the photo of your new toilet. I am greatly heartened to see there does not appear to be a schedule of flushing instructions in BOLD font on the wall. This is a very positive sign....but I am wondering if you actually have a conventionally plumbed septic tank there in Madang ???
ie. Is there any chance I could flush it while Simon is fixing some godamm pump undernath the floor again ? Aunty k

Josh Wulfekotte said...

That is the greatest mustache I have ever seen. I hope coming from me helps convey the true weight of my awe.

Anonymous said...

That 'stache puts the Chopper to utter shame! Happy to hear the settling in is going well! Michele

Anonymous said...

Greatest 'tache, ever!!
How is working life treating you Amanda?
Amanda xo