Sunday, 11 January 2015


It's been too long between updates and recently motivated by a friend who keeps a blog, we've decided to post on our new life on land.

So much has changed from our sailing days. We call Papua New Guinea home, just celebrated our 3rd Christmas here in the land of the unexpected. Life here in PNG, living in POM (Port Moresby) is so different, we'll try to take the time and share some of our amazing experiences.

We still have a view over the water...

Our mode of transport is a little different...

Working hard and loving being part of a great team at the Oil Search Health Foundation. While I was keen to return to work, I didn't think I would love everyday as much as I do.

Even Simon has found some exciting consultancy work.

But some things will never change...

The biggest surprise for us is how easy life in a house is. It had been so long, we forgot how easy it is to jump in a car, carry groceries in, have a big fridge and freezer, not worry about power, take a long shower, run the air-con when your hot, stick a load in the machine, turn on the dishwasher.

It was only 3 years ago that Simon was so sick in West Papua and our sailing friends rallied around us. I have to pinch myself each day to believe we are so lucky!

The question we're always asked, will we go back sailing? Perhaps... we loved those days, a dichotomy of freedom and responsibility, part of the sailing community. Perhaps one day... but for now we are happy.


Konni and Matt said...

Exciting changes; congratulations. Keep up the good blogging. - Cheers, Konni (from the Philippines) & Matt (from India).

Cristian F said...

Jaja sloop :)