Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Friend from NZ

Our friend Giselle and my beautiful godson came to visit on Friday. Here is a picture of Oliver on Saturday morning after self applying sunscreen lotion.

As you can imagine from the pictures, we had a few drinks and a good laugh on Friday night. Our friend James who has a bit of a crush on Giselle came over to join in the fun. None of us were very keen on waking up at 6am per Oliver's schedule.

Giselle and Jim moved over to NZ last year after buying a pub in Jim's hometown of Waiuku. Waiuku is a loveley coastal town about 45 minutes from Auckland. They have made some amazing changes at the Kentish Hotel and we have enjoyed many a great night there with them. If you are ever in the Auckalnd region I highly recommend a trip to the Kentish Hotel!

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