Monday, 19 February 2007

The Weekend

After a long week at work we were both eager to escape routine - the rowing finals coupled with the meagaphones on Saturday morning were likely to interupt any plans of sleeping in past 6am. We headed up to our secret mooring in Lane Cove river for a lazy BBQ and early night.

Saturday presented itself with its own set of problems. Where to swim? what to eat? and how to fill in the day without spending too much time in the hot sun. We discovered our old 8mm camcorder and watched videos from the past. A last minute idea saw us at a local pub watching a super 14's union game over dinner.

Sunday, we shopped up large at the fish markets before feasting on platters of prawns, oysters, raw fish and cheeses all the way to Store Beach, Manly. Our friend James and his girlfriend came along and we spent the day swimming, eating and enjoying a few cold bevvies.

James put on a show for the surrounding boats (and his new girlfriend) by climbing to the top of our mast and jumping in!

We arrived home after dark with a rather hot exhaust system - oh well, we know what Simon will be doing next week...


slyam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

theotherbear said...

Sweet, you guys started a blog :)
We're off to Conjola on Friday night - let me know if you want to come along.

uncaringbear said...

Good luck with your new blog - very unique colour choice for your site.