Monday, 23 April 2007

Painting B @ Brunner

After arriving back from Thailand we spent 4 days in Sydney before leaving to Nelson NZ to paint the Brunner Street house. After previously staying there 6 months ago we came prepared this time with a sail bag full of bedding.
We got a relocation hire car in Christchurch ($25 a day) and headed up the coast only stopping in emergency situations.

We arrived around in nelson around 9pm and headed straight to the Bishopdale brewing company to sort out the duty free alcohol.
After drinking the 12 year old Canadian Club in 3 rounds the night started to go down hill. The drinks got strong enough to make you hair stand on end.
Needless to say the next day was one filled with pain and suffering. Luckily that day was planned for buying paint, curtains etc and getting organised for the coming 9 days.
Saturday after a good nights sleep was a day filled with ceiling painting and window frame preparation. Amanda's parents turned up around lunch and like everyone who stuck there head in the door was given a brush.
As the next day was Megan's birthday and Lindsay was coming we thought it would be a good idea to take the Mustang for a spin a do a little fishing at the Salmon farm in Takaka.

After admiring the custom made centre console by Brad and Griz we hit the road.

We took Derek and Janet (Amanda's parents) with us to increase our chances of hauling in a whoppa.
Amanda caught the first Salmon followed by me slaying the next 2. After 1 packet of fish food Janet made her first kill.
4 bags of fish food later we thought we were going to have to hire a tent and stay the night as Derek still hadn't had any luck. Finally it was all worth waiting for, a baby Salmon was landed. Apparently the smallest are the best, much sweeter or something like that.
Back to Nelson for Megan's birthday we went, dragging off everything on the road
Brad kindly offered to do Megan's makeup for the prestigious occasion.
And then it was time to get serious with the painting thing. I soon discovered that a plentiful supply of beer and barbecue lunch assisted with motivation levels and maintaining a interested work force.
We had to get a digger in to remove old concrete and top soil for the new garage site. Unfortunately there was a little more topsoil there than we expected.

7 Days latter and the B team lead by Amanda had completed the inside.
My A team also came through with the goods and the job was finished on schedule.
Thanks to everyone who chipped in and gave us a hand. We could not have done what we did without your help.
Over and out


theotherbear said...

Funny how some rooms in the house are sideways, dunno how you manage to stand sideways like that.

A Mother outlaw said...

Love the Mustang. I used to own one of them once.......

Jane said...

Nice work dudes. Grizzs word was "bastards". I pissed myself laughing while showing the girls at work.