Saturday, 16 June 2007

Jo's Birthday

We decided that the Fish Markets would be a good place to celebrate this prestigious occasion.

The only trick with the Fish Markets is the evasion of the over night $25.00 fee. I am proud to say we have avoided this to date, however Omen is down 3 - 1.

A couple of important people and Tony were invited and the day started with a couple of drinks and a BBQ, seafood of course.

The night took a turn for the worse when stud muffin JT turned up

For reasons unknown to the rest of us he felt the need for a late night swim amongest all the lovely things you would imangine to find at fish markets.

Still on the subject of swimming Tony took one on the pretense of saving Jo from falling in and James was over come by the forces off gravity while taking a leek into the ocean. No prizes for guessing where he fell!
Just another day boating.
Over and out

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