Sunday, 24 June 2007

End Of An Era

Atlas Abrasives Pty Ltd
SOLDFinally after a year on the market, a deal has been signed, the money has changed hands and I have 8 days remaining of my 30 day hand over period. I plan to do some work around the boat to ensure everything is ship shape up until our planned Sep - Oct departure. Amanda has grand plans to turn me into a house husband making dinner and doing dishes however I have a feeling I will be to busy.

The only reservations I have had as a result of the sale is that I hope that the friends I have made in my employees don't go with the sale of the business. We have been doing it for a while now and overall have had a lot of good times doing a variety of interesting projects.

Lindsay and I met 17 years ago in Nelson and kicked around in our younger days before he moved to Australia in 1997. He worked up around Queensland for a while before I convinced him to move to Sydney and become a Industrial Painter 6 and a half years ago. What they say about not been able to work with your friends is not true and here is the proof.

Jamie also from Kiwi land was playing footie for the Lidcombe Boars working in the crap job of a apprentice printer looking for a change when he came on board. Its been great to see the transition of him over the last 5 years from a 18 year old into an adult. I only hope he has not picked up to many bad habits from Lindsay and I.

Alan is the new kid on the block having only been with us for a year. Its hard to find people that want to do the right thing by their employer. Alan is one of those.

Its hard for anyone to get out of bed to go to work. I hope for these guys its has not been as hard working for me , and they have enjoyed their time as much as you can at work.
We have done jobs that have been more like adventures with the use of some really big toys.

Thanks guys for all your help and loyalty over the years. Atlas Abrasive would be nothing without you.
Over and out.


theotherbear said...

Congratulations on the sale although I am so sad to think of you guys sailing off in a few months time. Either take me with you, or take John.

Anonymous said...

Love the red beaney!

Anonymous said...

congratulations. The door of opportunity has opened again.