Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Sting

Remember the post "Painting B at Brunner?" Well upon returning from NZ to the marina we were unpleasantly surprised to discover our outboard from the back of or dingy had also gone ... on an open ended holiday. We borrowed another one to get to the boat, I bought a new one and the story ended there.... Not quite, Amanda kept an eye on the papers, eBay etc until, what do we find 2 months later.

Yes, its a advertisement for an outboard motor that looks exactly the same as ours. Same broken catch and most damming of all, the same 5hp sticker made by me. I couldn't replicate the colour of the existing stickers. Why put on a new sticker you may ask? If your dingy has a motor over 5hp you have to get it registered. Our motor was in fact a 6hp in disguise as a 5hp to avoid registration.
Amanda sent an enquiry to the sellers requesting a look with no success. I asked Lindsay to bid on the motor and ensure he got it. Now we can arrange "The Sting".
Lindsay organised to meet the sellers near a local park at 7.00pm and gives me his phone. After work I pick up a friend, Detective Dave from the Auburn cop shop and we drive over to the Burwood police station. He rounds up 3 uniformed officers and a paddy wagon and we make our way to the meeting point where Amanda and James are equipped with liquid refreshments waiting for the show to start.
The paddy wagon parks around the corner and we rendezvous with the sellers. On inspection of the motor in the boot of their car I give Dave the nod and he steps away to make the call. He then pulls out his badge and announces that he Detective Dave is placing the two rascals under arrest. As the sellers world crumbles around them, the paddy wagon screech's to a holt in front of the car preventing all hope of escape. They were patted down, their car was searched and they were bundled into the paddy wagon for transport back to the cop shop for processing.
Amanda, James, Dave and I debriefed (detective talk), we went to the police station to drop off our equipment, dropped Dave back and the story ends there.
At this stage our motor is Exhibit A and we are waiting for news as to what will become of it and the rascals.
Over and out.


theotherbear said...

The Sting is such a tops story. I love to hear about getting back at the baddies.
I hope those two little thieves get sent to juvi.

uncaringbear said...

Those little brats should get their nuts cut off!