Friday, 28 December 2007

2nd Stop Lake Macquarie

We enjoyed a lovely sail up the coast in a good sou' easter reaching speeds of 8 knots. Simon even managed to haul in a fish off Norah Head.

We crossed the bar into Swansea Channel without a hitch, the navigator and radio operator was feeling quite pleased with herself.

The pleasure was premature and short lived though... about 20 metres before the lake's entrance we came to a screeching halt - smoked oysters and crackers, celebratory beer and wine went flying. Our first grounding of the journey!
Simon could manage to get us off - but when your inside the channel markers and on the bottom - where do you go??? Lake Macquarie Coastal Patrol came to our rescue and dragged us into the Lake. I wasn't sure inside the Lake was where I wanted to be ... how were we going to get out????

Lake Macquarie was definitely a surprise! Beautiful secluded bays, great fishing, warm swimming waters (until we spotted a shark) and friendly towns with great facilities.

The crazy storms ensured we had some lovely evenings in the cockpit watching the clouds roll in.

We were sad to leave such a beautiful spot.


theotherbear said...

That last photo is great.
Don't go too far north too quick, I want to be able to come and visit soon :)

svthyme said...

Please come soon - miss you!