Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Brewery

I've discovered a new hobby that not only compliments my love of cooking but one Simon actively encourages and helps out with (mainly drinking) - it's brewing beer, inspired by the BBC (Bishopdale Brewing Company).

I'm up to my 9th batch with all sorts tried including Bock, Lager, Pilsner, Wheat Beer, Bitters and Stouts. Not being a beer drinker I always thought all beer was the same but my eyes are open to the huge variety of colours and flavours, hops and heads, malt and grains.

Here is Simon putting down what is a hot favourite - beer with Chilli added at bottling. It is delicious, warm yet cold - one glass is just not enough.

Our latest brew we've experimented with lemon grass and lime leaves - can't wait to see how this turns out. The next Stout we'll try with a coffee bean or Star Anise. Mmm the options are endless!

Having a little bit of spare time on my hands these days I've put together a brew book recording all my recipes with a section for tasting notes. Whenever friends visit they're subjected to a variety of brews followed by writing their thoughts in the brew book.

1 comment:

theotherbear said...

to say your beer is one of very few drinkable home brews. My own efforts, for example, have been bloody disgusting.
However, I think I draw the line at beer with chillies, lemon grass, coffee or star anise in them.
That is just asking for trouble. Especially the chilli one - all I can think of is how bad the next day poo would be. Because I am classy like that.