Thursday, 10 January 2008

Camden Haven

Our arrival at Camden Haven worked in nicely with high tide at 8.30am, we crossed the bar motored up the channel and anchored opposite the service mans club

After about 5 hours sleep we awoke to exchange Christmas presents in the afternoon. Amanda thought it would be a good idea to make each other a present this year. She went with the Chili Jam idea that was so hot it burnt her fingers, eye lids, forearm, lips, and a nostril during the processing of the Chili stage and I went with the somewhat safer rope mat MK11. MK1 did not turn out quite so well.

A couple of the locals (Rod and Mon) living on Monica Joan up stream had us under binocular surveillance from our arrival and finally curiosity got the better of them so they called around for a quick visit around 3 in the afternoon. After a few home brews we poured them back into their tinny and sent them home around 11.00pm after having them commit to driving us up to the top of Big Brother the next morning. I heard their exit from the tinny at there boat also doubled as a wash for Rod. We turned up as arranged the next morning and reminded them we were going up the mountain. Once at the top Amanda and Mon decided to walk down however the car looked like a better option to me. You can see our boat anchored on the bottom right of the first photo.

Derek and Janet (Amanda's parents) came up for a visit and Amanda managed to get them out doing all the local walks. I however was spending a large amount of time out in our dingy laying crab traps and brushing up on my fishing skills to ensure Derek didn't show me up. That evening we had the big fish off and came back with a good meal of Whiting and Flathead.

Henry was our next visitor arriving almost straight from NZ. We began our new years eve celebrations upon his arrival, 7.30am. Henry and I talked Amanda into holding a flare, she is to the right of the light somewhere while we kicked ourselves for not being able to find our sun glasses. We watched the fireworks at 10.00pm, why that time is any ones guess and another couple Greg and Sinnove from a neighbouring Yacht (Faraway)
joined us for evening drinks. Just as well the water police didn't question us about the flare as we were going to blame it on them.

Most of the following morning was spent resting before a afternoon trip to the beach.

After Henry left I tried to lose Amanda by towing her and her Kayak in the dingy for about 10kms to Queens Lake pictured way out to the left. She must have been dropping bread crumbs.

Finally on 9/1/08 we reluctantly weighed anchor, that's boating talk and headed for the sea again, Port Macquarie being our next stop.

Over and out.


secret squirrel said...

the chilli jam sounds lethal..and simon i am very impressed with your mark-11 mat as,many moons ago i got up to about mark -15.
loved the post keep them coming.
xox eve xox
holding a flare ha ha

theotherbear said...

I didn't hear the detail about the chili jam burning her nostril. Was she sniffing it? And if so, did she hallucinate afterwards?
The mat looks very impressive! Just like a bought one. What happens if you suddenly need some rope - does the mat have to go?

secret squirrel said...

or shoud i say MK-XV....