Friday, 7 March 2008

Leg 5 Port Macquarie

No, we've not sunk!

The short sail from Camden Haven to Port Macquarie was the most memorable so far with 5 fish caught, the best being a Big Eye Tuna. Soy and Wasabi was close at hand with over 1kg of sashimi fillets!

We caught up with friends, Tiffany, Kiernan and Hunter and shared their summer holiday. We had a great time visiting all the tourist attractions and playing games with Hunter.

Marco Polo was a big hit, closely followed by Monopoly with Tiffany showing off her new found property skills!

We paid a visit to Sea Acres rainforest where the pitfalls of not paying attention to warnings signs was clear.

Tiffany and Amanda enjoyed the visit to the historical winery - surprise surprise!

We managed to get an anchoring spot in the affluent section of town - much to the retirees surprise they had a yacht in their backyard. We spent two weeks anchored here before mooring the boat and returning to Sydney for Amanda's operation.


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theotherbear said...

I'm most looking forward to the description of the leg that I WILL BE ON!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys on the 5th April.

Brigitte said...

Hey don't click on that first comment it's dumb old spyware pretending your computer is infected and trying to get you to download their software - DONT FALL FOR IT - Brigitte.
PS Great hearing from you guys, I check here regularly and was starting to get worried!!!!

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