Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Back again!

After 2 weeks in Port Macquarie Amanda had to take a quick flight to Sydney for an appointment with a specialist that had been booked before we left town. After seeing the Doctor she gave me a call to pass on the the unpleasant information that she was required for surgery in 5 days time to remove a 10cm fibroid cyst from some area near the stomach that boys don't have. The decision was made to borrow Lindsay's car and drive back to Port Macquarie to collect the cats, plants, me and enough cloths etc for the 5 weeks that the whole process was going to take.

We turned up at the hospital as requested, Amanda got her cool issue of hospital socks etc and into surgery she went around 6pm. Lucky last. I stayed hoping they may feed me but when she turned up some 4 hours later I felt as if I was going to fade away. I couldn't get much sense out of her at this point so went home.

The next day when her Doctor came to check up on Amanda's progress I asked her if I could have the cyst. She looked at me as if I should be committed while explaining that it was sent to pathology. I explained my reasons for wanting it (blog photo) so she showed me some photos of it she had taken with her phone, gave me the dimensions and I made my own to scale model for your viewing pleasure.

A week later she left hospital, the morphine taking its toll. She believed the night nurse was out to get her and the complaining had started so I thought it best she spent the first week staying with her sister. I on the other hand had 4 more weeks to kill so got myself a job to fill in the time. Unfortunately for my employer I probably did more damage in this time than made money. I found out first hand what a 135 foot 25 tonne boom lift can do to the wall of the Olympic stadium. It was worse than it looks.

After the first week out of hospital I tried to look after Amanda but she was still complaining so I sent her to stay with her parents up the coast for a week. I was staying with Lindsay. Lucky for me his 40th birthday was also during this period. Henry and I filled the bath with booze at Lindsay's expense (in keeping with Kiwi tradition) and made it comfortable. Amanda also came back the same day well on the road to recovery.

The day before our departure a friend also had his wedding planned. What good luck. We attended a small ceremony in the the local gardens early and celebrated the night away at his place.

We had a recovery day, hired a car and headed back to the boat in Port Macquarie.
Over and out


Anonymous said...

See please here

theotherbear said...

Simon you sick bastard. That is the grossest fake cyst type thing I have ever seen. I hope you have some tomato sauce left.

Secret Squirrel said...

love the reconstruction of the cyst and the (attempted) destruction of the olympic stadium....

Tell lindsay that my invite must of got lost in the mail...hummmmmmm

and finally i love the photo of the 3 of you especially henri's glasses!! Oh and you are looking as stylish as ever in that shirt that i like so much (you wore it at the going away party)

lots of love to you both,i hope that you are feeling MUCH better amanda

xox eve xox

svthyme said...

Hey Eve,
Feeling heaps better. Hope all is good with you too!