Friday, 27 June 2008

Our first coral cay: Lady Musgrave

When the weather finally cleared we left Bundy re-stocked with goodies and headed for Lady Musgrave Island - our first coral cay. We left at midnight in no wind and motor sailed through the night arriving near lunch the following day. The entrance was a little hairy as the tide was rushing out the narrow entrance so fast it looked like a waterfall. This made steering hard for Simon on top of my confused and excited hand signals (still the windmill on steroids) from the bow pointing out the bommies to avoid.

Lady Musgrave is a coral cay with a narrow entrance allowing boats access to a gorgeous clear lagoon completely surrounded by reef. There is a small island at one end of the reef which birds and turtles use for nesting. We saw heaps of birds - one in particular gets wrapped up by the sticky leaves on the trees, eventually killing the bird. There was a sign asking us not to assist the birds as it provides vital organic matter for the island allowing future growth - urgh!

We spent our 3 days there diving and fishing. The water was so clear we could see our anchor in 10 metres of water. There was so much marine life we could have stayed here exploring for weeks. Unfortunately with a strong wind warning coming we didn't want to risk sleepless nights so headed to Pancake Creek.

Can't wait to come back here!

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These photos are great!