Monday, 30 June 2008

Storm Haven: Pancake Creek

We never planned on visiting Pancake Creek but strong wind warnings forced us towards the shelter of land and we decided this was the closest spot. It was a really pleasant surprise - very isolated despite the afternoon march of boats coming in for the evening and setting off again at first light.

We weren't keen at heading out in the rain so stayed for a while occupying our time with re-building my kitchen cupboard to fit my pots and pans so they wouldn't clatter around out at sea.

As soon as the weather cleared we joined another boat, Sunburnt for a walk up to the Bustard Head lighthouse. It was a great walk (I think Simon secretly enjoys them) and gave us a great view of the surrounding creeks and inlets. I used a program I had - "Panorama Maker" to stitch some photos together we took from the top of the hill with our little handy snap camera - turned out ok I think!

With fine weather we set sail for Gladstone.

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theotherbear said...

I think he secretly likes the walks too. :)